Become a Certified Corporate FP&A Professional

Validate your unique skillset and signify that you have the right education, experience and commitment to advancing your career in the corporate financial planning & analysis profession.


  • Makes you more marketable when you compete for FP&A positions
  • Shows mastery of core FP&A knowledge and principles 
  • Raises your professional reputation among your staff and your peers 
  • Expresses career long-term commitment through ongoing professional development
  • Demonstrates that you understand industry best practices
  • Opens the door to more opportunities for career advancement
  • Validates employer confidence in your skill set
  • Connects you with a network of FP&A-certified peers

By joining the local Chapter of the Oregon and SW Washington AFP group, you will benefit from educational material that will assist your growth in the financial profession, as well as meeting other peers in the industry.

Whether you are a Senior Financial Analyst, or the more traditional Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A). Membership will provide you with access to training material that will be beneficial for your trade, as well as you eventual desire in sitting the accreditation that is available from the National Association for Financial Professionals. For more information on that, please use the below hyperlinks

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